Founder's Day 2016 - Message from our Chief Scout

His Excellency President Anthony Carmona

His Excellency President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona


A great Nation is often built by men and women who have burnt the midnight oil and made great sacrifices in their personal and professional endeavours. The Scout Movement has been a stellar entity that has always emphasised a meaningful education, survival skills and most importantly, a philosophy that encapsulates a sound, strong, ethical character, honourable conduct, dignity, integrity, pride, loyalty, obedience, gallantry and trust. As your Chief Scout, I wish to commend the Scouting Association of Trinidad and Tobago as it celebrates Founder’s Day 2016. You have done us proud. This Republic of ours has benefitted from the upstanding, honourable and principled citizens that the Scout Movement has been able to nurture and hone. 

The Scouting fraternity, with its objective, “Creating a better world”, engages mentorship and training Programmes that give our young citizens lifelong skills, that continue to assist them in their academic pursuits, professional expertise and human development. Consider for example, that immutable core value called honesty that is encouraged and enforced by the Scout Movement at all times. Honesty is critical in any truly progressive society. It transcends itself into accountability and transparency in the workplace, critical in any country’s genuine development.

Consider that other fundamental value of the Scout Movement called loyalty.  When a child is taught the value of loyalty at a young age, he will have a greater appreciation for true friendship, patriotism and love for one’s country. We must never strive to just be citizens of this great Trinidad and Tobago but rather patriots who are not only concerned with the sustainable development of our Nation but the realisation its true potential. Compassion and kindness remain the hallmark of a good scout who ensures that no one is left behind. The Scout Movement and its honourable soldiers, can surely create a better world by continuing to influence in the right way the person next door, the person in the mirror, the community we live in and hopefully that personal outreach, can transcend to the country and region we live in and who knows, maybe the world.

The socially conscious lessons embedded in the character of each scout in the scouting fraternity must be diffused into our society in its entirety. If this is done successfully, it has the potential to bring about revolutionary and transformational change in this Republic and help us, at the end of the day, to be better human beings. I wish to congratulate the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago, on its yeoman service throughout the years and urge you all to continue your efforts to make Trinidad and Tobago a better place and a greater Nation.

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