Scouts TT Launches National Food Drive

On May 22, 2016, United Way’s National Day of Caring, ScoutsTT launched its first annual national food drive called “Scouting for Food”, which they see as a programme that can be a significant step towards eradicating hunger in our country.

In Trinidad and Tobago, more than twenty percent of the population lives below the poverty line while eight to eleven percent are reported to be undernourished—despite this country’s relatively high-income status. 

Hunger and poverty remain a serious concern and the UNDP has identified as number one (of eight) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for 2015 to Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. Scouting for Food aims to educate the public of this issue among so many in our community and engender a commitment to community, volunteerism and helping each other.

With the support of title sponsors Massy Foundation, Scouting for Food will be rolled out in communities across Trinidad and Tobago. The programme will run from June to August and will be implemented in the following ways:

  • Drop-off Bins located at supermarkets where Scouts will visit on weekends encouraging customers to make donations.
  • Stuff De Bus food collection caravans which will drive through select neighbourhoods across the country, accompanied by Scouts on foot asking residents to make donations.
  • Gift-A-Bag tickets which are vouchers, valued at $100 or $200, with which the recipients can purchase select food items at the supermarket. Ticket buyers can either identify recipients on their own or have ScoutsTT donate them to families identified by our partners.

This initiative is a great way for Scouts to have a positive impact in our communities and is an opportunity for us to do a good turn for our entire country. With the support of F.E.E.L. (Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life), the food collected will be distributed to needy families and homes across Trinidad and Tobago.


For more information on this programme, contact Yvan Mendoza at Scout Headquarters by email: [email protected] 

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