Scouts TT hosts National Youth Forum

Scouting is a movement of youth for youth. A natural consequence of this is that it should be led by youth who are supported by adults. ScoutsTT, in its drive to align itself to this notion, has made significant progress over the last few years but there is still a long way to go. Key components of this effort are the appointment of young persons to various commissioner posts, the introduction of Youth Commissioners (soon to be rolled out to District level) and the National Youth Council and Youth Forum.

The National Youth Forum is intended for all members of the Association between the ages of 15 and 26 - be they Venture Scouts, leaders or Group Committee/District Council members. The forum aims to provide a platform to effectively address issues facing our Movement locally and to give participants the opportunity to make decisions to address those issues. Topics like barriers to youth involvement in Scouting, youth advocacy, youth in decision making and Youth Programme Review are all on the agenda. Another important aspect will be the election of a National Youth Council to represent the views of the youth members and coordinate activities of the Youth Network in the coming year.

The forum will be held over the weekend of the Friday 8th – Sunday 10th July 2016. The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday at 8:30am and we will close with a lunch on Sunday. The cost (registration fee is $120) has been kept as low as possible covering only that of the food. To ensure a more even power balance voting at the forum has been limited to two votes per Group. All registered participants will however have to take part in any discussion or activity. I encourage Groups/Districts to assist participants who may be unable to meet the cost of the forum or may need other forms of support e.g. transport.

While we encourage as many as possible to participate in the full event, recognising that this may not be possible for some and to ensure maximum participation, we will have two open sessions during the forum on Saturday (1-5pm) and Sunday (8 – 11am). These sessions require no payment and are open to the same category of persons (youth aged 16 – 26).

Registration can be done online HERE, however persons under 18 are required to complete a parental consent form available from HQ (or via email) and walk with same to check-in on the first day.  

The event can be found on Facebook. Please do not hesitate to contact Allan Gittens via email ([email protected]) for any further information. We look forward to your support in making this event a success.

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