"Save the Future, Save Our Youth" - Scouts TT National Youth Council Speaks Out

As members of ScoutsTT’s National Youth Council, we strongly condemn the wave of violence and ill-treatment that has been recently plaguing the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. Recently, we have noticed that the nation’s young people are being too frequently confronted by various forms of harm such as physical and emotional abuse, crime, neglect, sexual harassment and early marriage.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of these occurrences is that it takes place in areas that should be safe havens for young people. Forms of violence originating from the home, school and community rob our children of all trust in those who they see as mentors. It deprives them of their comfort, tranquillity, aspirations and the opportunity to become the best that they can be.

The most recent and tragic story of nine-year old Cyon’s death emphasizes this perilous atmosphere that has been created, depriving our youth of a key developmental requirement – peace of mind. How are the members of the youth population expected to feel safe within their community if they can’t even walk out to a nearby parlour to purchase food for their family?

ScoutsTT’s mission is to help to develop young people to their full potential so that they can contribute positively to their local, national and international community. Therefore, when we see such a great hindrance toward the development of our nation’s youth, we refuse to sit idly by with our mouths shut, someone must end this unbearable silence!

We as a nation must be continually mindful that our youth are our future leaders and that our country’s tomorrow is only as good as theirs. It is therefore of vital importance that we protect and nurture the young people of Trinidad and Tobago, work together to end all violence against the youth and help to remove all other obstacles in the path to their success.

ScoutsTT sends condolences to the family of young Cyon in this troubling time as well as any families that have experienced such injustice.

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