The Constant Issue

A poem by Reuben Cruikshank

Youth Advocacy/National Affairs Committee Member, National Youth Network


Imagine, if you will, a young hart that has just been birthed into this world
The hart’s heart so pure, so pious and innocent it sees the silver lining
Said same silver that ended his mother and father
Or rather, the same silver that now clutches and caresses every fiber of the fawn
It is uncomfortable, it screams from dusk until dawn
Fighting a futile battle,
The once free hart has now been tamed and sold for the highest price
For all we know, the hart may have even been sold in parts, on ice.
Now let’s look at the life of a young puppy,
Casted away it has to cast itself within the shadows to survive
In these cold and seedy times
Scouting for Food, she finds a turned over bin with food inside
But to her horror other dogs lie in wait and fight with her for the food
She may have met her demise…
However, this should not be the fate of our youth,
We the Scout Youth Advocates scream a hearty roar in the face of wretched violence
We wish not to see another hart be captured or another puppy lose her life in the name of survival.

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