The First National Youth Network District Meeting

On October 28th, National Youth Commissioner, Damian Clarke and the Communication and Strategic Relations Coordinator, Elliot Haynes made the trip to Mayaro for the first Youth Network district meeting.

The meeting, which was held at the Mayaro Government Secondary School, also known as Mayaro Composite, went off without any hiccups. The turnout, though small, showed a few of the dedicated scouts in the district. In attendance were; Aquila John, Patricia Joseph, Kurschelle Xavier and Kevon Williams who are all venture scouts at 1st Mayaro Sea Scouts, along with, Weena Rajkumar the Youth Advocacy Coordinator and leader at the 1st Mayaro Sea Scout troop as well as Kai Baker, another leader from 1st Mayaro Sea Scouts.

These eager and dedicated scouters were educated by Damian about the Youth Network and its functions. Near the end of the meeting we gathered feedback on the proposed uniform change as well as the performance quality of leaders in the district. All in all, the meeting was a success!

The Youth Network will be attempting to visit a different district each month! Want us to visit your district? Let us know by contacting any of the Network members.

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