ScoutsTT Celebrate National Scout Week

For the second year running, ScoutsTT is embarking on a week-long celebration of Scouting from Sunday February 18th to Sunday February 25th. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Duty Bound, Honour Driven”, keeping in accordance with the values imbued by the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.

National Scout Week is a time to highlight the good work the movement does for the community, celebrate the birthday of the Founder of the Scout Movement, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, which is on February 22nd, come together as a family and share in the ideals of Scouting, appreciate the volunteers that make Scouting possible, and appreciate where we have come from and those who helped in that journey.

Groups will take part in activities including expeditions, community drives and parades as part of the festivities. There will be a “Brownsea Island Camp” event to commemorate the beginning of the adventure that is Scouting by simulating the activities done at the experimental camp in 1907 that started the Scout movement.

ScoutsTT will use the opportunity of National Scout Week to continue promoting its Investment in Character campaign, which invites organisations and volunteers to support and partner with Scouting by investing in the development of its young people, through investing in the delivery of Scout program, which offers fun and challenging activities, unique experiences, everyday adventure and the chance to help others so that we make a positive impact in communities.

The Scout Association is certain that its influence can change the nation one youth at a time and it encourages the entire nation to Go Scouting with them. Join us and our 40 million brother and sister scouts around the world in celebrating the vision of our founder to create a better world.

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