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In Scouting, you get to explore the outdoors, experience new adventure, learn exciting things, make new friends and have fun ALL in one! You are sure to enjoy yourself as there will always be plenty to do!

You will do many things for the first time in Scouting. From kayaking, to learning how to build bamboo structures, to first aid skills, to cooking without kitchen tools, there is something for every young person in Scouting. Being a Scout gives you the chance to try a lot of activities you wouldn’t normally get to do.Sounds better than being stuck in the house with nothing to do, right?

As you go from section to section, the activities and experiences get a little more exciting, adventurous, and challenging, Scouting helps you learn lots of new and amazing skills – and you get to earn badges and rewards along the way.

Join Cub Scouts for new adventure and serious fun! There are SO MANY COOL THINGS a Cub Scout can do!

Try exciting outdoor adventures like rock climbing, camping and kayaking! Learn traditional Scouting skills like tying knots and using a map and compass! Play games and make friends! Visit exciting places! Help with community events or environment projects!

Learn to ‘do your best’ at whatever you try and earn cool badges to show off on your Cub Scout uniform. Along the way, these skills and other useful things will help you when you move up to the older Scouting Sections, as well as throughout your entire life.

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Scouts do anything and everything… all the fun stuff you don’t get to do at home! Whether it’s hiking 30km over two days, kayaking, rock climbing or sitting around a camp fire singing with a bunch of friends… you choose!

Explore the outdoors and experience new adventure! You can even meet people from all over the world at international Moots and Jamborees! You’ll make lasting friendships and create memories that will stay with you for your entire lifetime.

Learn new and useful skills like tying knots and basic first aid, bush navigation, recognising and dealing with environmental dangers (like bushfires), water safety and maybe even how to light a fire with nothing but two sticks.

There is a multi-level Award Scheme to keep you constantly pushing yourself to achieve your personal best. You can gain a lot of valuable life skills such as confidence, resilience, leadership and responsibility.

When you’re a Scout, possibilities are endless with the support of your leaders. Take on the world of opportunity, expand your horizons and develop yourself along the way.

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Take your experience to another level with Venture Scouts! The programme is a do-it-yourself mix of adventure, fun, friendship and personal development.

You can discover a world of excitement full of experiences like zip-lining and far-off travel, where you can create lasting memories with people from other countries. In Venturing friends have the time of their lives while learning about life, together.

If the outdoors is not your thing, you can get involved with service projects to make an impact on your community. Develop a lifestyle of genuine friendship and caring for others and along the way you will get more confidence, independence and team work skills, all of which will help in your future.

You lead the programme and decide whatever you want to do. Find adventure, gain confidence, laugh, hang out, and get the most out of life. If you’re ready to travel to new places, meet new friends, and go on high-adventure excursions, Venture Scouts can make it happen!

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