A Jungle Story – National Cub Camp 2023

July 28-30

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Applications Close – July 8 Extended to July 15

Let’s return to the outdoors and adventure once again. Ready for an epic adventure? 🌿🐾 Unleash your inner explorer at ‘A Jungle Story’ National Cub Scout Camp! Dive into outdoor adventures, discover jungle mysteries, and create unforgettable memories with your fellow scouts. Adventure is out there waiting for you!

What is A Jungle Story?

A Jungle Story’ is not just a theme, it’s a tale of adventure and learning, much like the stories Rudyard Kipling told in The Jungle Book. Do you remember Mowgli and his adventures? How he learned from the animals around him – wisdom from Baloo, bravery from Bagheera, and the importance of community from the wolf pack? Similarly, this year at our National Cub Scout Camp, we’ll step into our own version of Kipling’s jungle.

In this thrilling environment, we’re going to live our own Jungle Story. We’ll work together, navigate challenges, and learn to respect the vast and wondrous world of nature, just like Mowgli did. Just as the jungle was Mowgli’s classroom, so will it be ours. And just as the characters in Kipling’s tales helped Mowgli grow, so will our fellow scouts and leaders help us learn and grow.

Every story has characters, and in our Jungle Story, we are the characters. Each of us will add our unique chapters to this grand tale, making new friends, embarking on exciting outdoor adventures, and creating unforgettable memories. Get ready, brave explorers, to dive into the heart of the wild and live your own Jungle Story!

Where will this camp be held?

Our main campsite will be at our national camping grounds at Pax Vale in Santa Cruz. This will be the site of most our activities and where our residential campers will be camping.

How much does this camp cost?

There are different packages for participation available:

Full Residential Camp Package

  • Fee – $400
  • Includes
    • Camp T-shirt and Badge
    • Access to activities on site for full duration of the camp
    • Rations for the full duration of the camp

Day Pass

  • Fee – $200
  • Includes
    • Camp T-shirt and Badge
    • Access to activities on site for 1 day
    • Lunch and Dinner
    • Transport and Guide Fees for Bird Sanctuary Tour (Saturday 29th July Only!)

How do I apply to be a participant?

To apply to be a participant, please CLICK HERE

How do I know if I have been selected to be a participant and make my payments?

Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed and your camp status will be confirmed. At that point, we will share instructions on how payments are to be made with you.