Realignment of ScoutsTT

ScoutsTT is entering an exciting new chapter, implementing strategic changes to our operational structure and district distribution to better serve our members and respond to evolving needs. This realignment is planned to maximize efficiency and resource allocation and underscores our commitment to nurturing every Scout’s potential.

Our New Districts

  New District Previous Districts
1 North-West Port of Spain, Diego Martin, Morvant/ Laventille;
2 North-Central Chaguanas, San Juan, St. Joseph/Tunapuna, Arima/Arouca
3 Eastern Sangre Grande/Toco, Mayaro, Rio Claro
4 South-Central San Fernando, Pointe-a-Pierre, Couva,
5 Naparima Naparima, Cedros, La Brea, Point Fortin, Siparia/Erin, Princes Town
6 Tobago Tobago (Leeward) and Tobago (Windward)

District Structure

The management of these Districts will be as follows

  • A District Commissioner
  • A District Youth Commissioner
  • Assistant District Commissioners in the following areas
    • Operations
    • Programme
    • Adult Resources and Training
    • Planning and Development
    • Area Commissioners, 1 for every eight groups in a District
  • A District Council to support the District – The dissolution of existing District Councils with a reinstitution that takes into consideration the new reach of the six districts.

District Organisational Chart

Proposed District Structure

Field Commissioners

Three Field Commissioners will be added to our operations team:

  • Field Commissioner North to service the areas within the Chaguanas, Port-of-Spain and Arima/Arouca Districts
  • Field Commissioner South to service the areas within the San Fernando and Naparima Districts
  • Field Commissioner Tobago to service the Tobago District

The Field Commissioners will be salaried staff who should be Professional Scouters.

Other Changes

  • The consolidation of the Assets of the District Councils across the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago in alignment with best practices of Operational, Human Resource and Financial Management
  • The introduction and signing of MOUs between community partners that have service, young people development, people development, business, education, and nation as part of its core services.
  • Implementation of the branding guide across the ScoutsTT, ensuring that all individuals, groups, committees, and participants are in alignment with the established and current standards.