Volunteer Wanted – Deputy National Scout Commissioner (Operations)

Deadline for Applications – 8 December 2023

Embark on a Journey of Leadership and Impact: As the Deputy National Scout Commissioner (Operations), You will elevate scouting to new heights. This role is crucial in driving operational excellence, empowering young leaders, and molding the future of ScoutsTT.

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The purpose of the role is to lead and manage volunteers providing support to the Districts and support the delivery of strategy across the Zones. The incumbent functions at both strategic and operational levels to support growth of the Association. The role requires management skills and volunteer experience of Scouting or Guiding.

REPORTS TO – National Scout Commissioner

RESPONSIBLE FOR – Headquarters Commissioner (Safeguarding), Headquarters Commissioner (Experience Delivery), Zonal Commissioners, Field Commissioners

MAIN CONTACTS – Other DNSCs, Administrative Secretary, National Youth Commissioner, Headquarters Commissioner (Institutional Dev.), District Commissioners


  • Ensures compliance of all Districts, Groups, units and their associated personnel with POR
  • Serve as lead commissioner for Risk Management in the Association
  • Maintains strategic oversight of the safeguarding/youth protection function and ensure alignment with local legislation and World Safe from Harm Policy.
  • Maintain oversight of annual Group registration in conjunction with the Administrative Secretary on behalf of the National Scout Commissioner
  • Mediate disputes between District Commissioners and District Councils or between Districts when requested to do so by NSC or own initiative
  • Oversee DCs’ implementation of the ScoutsTT Strategic Plan within the District, helping to set individual targets for attainment to ensure national attainment of targets
  • Promote the implementation of the Quality Scout Assessment within Groups and Districts
  • Perform annual review of all direct reports and District Commissioners and ensure all Districts convene District Councils and hold AGMs as stipulated providing reports on all non-compliant Districts to the NSC
  • Identify and support Districts with long-term sustainability issues: helping to identify issues and create developmental plans to address them
  • Represent National Headquarters and its various divisions throughout the Association and advise on trends and issues facing Districts specifically or generally through regular reports
  • Assist the National Scout Commissioner in the performance of his duties as and when requested to do so by him and act for him when required to do so


Must complete the relevant training (NLC and Commissioner Training) within twelve (12) months of taking up the role.


Experience and Knowledge:

  • Essential
    • An understanding of The Scout Association’s structure, procedures, methods and aims
    • A strong understanding of youth programme principles
    • Track record of managing multiple tasks with strong planning and organisation skills
  • Desirable
    • Experience of working with volunteer groups and managing volunteers at the strategic level
    • Possess a vehicle and valid driver’s licence


  • Essential
    • Attention to detail
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Manage diverse workload and attain targets within set deadlines and independent of direct supervision
    • Ability to support volunteers with strategic development
  • Desirable
    • Ability to advise on dispute resolution

Personal Qualities:

  • Essential
    • Enthusiastic and able to enthuse others
    • Positive and energetic attitude
    • Responsive to the needs of others
    • Able and willing to travel (locally) extensively
    • Comfortable with technology
    • Flexible attitude in response to organisational change
    • Acceptance of the ideals, values and principles of the Scout Movement and POR of the Association

Role Description

The Role of the Deputy National Scout Commissioner (Operations) is based on four key deliverables:

Governance Support

  • Provide direction to District Commissioners on establishment and functioning of District Councils
  • Assist in the strategic development of Districts ensuring that 65% of districts have cascading 3-year strategic and operational plans
  • Drive a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of the operations and management of Districts
  • Provide recommendations to NSC for filling of all vacant positions at Zonal Commissioner, DC, and ADC level such that >75% of positions have nominees
  • Work with the National Youth Commissioner, District Commissioners and District Youth Commissioners to embed youth involvement in decision making
  • Assist Districts and Groups with the implementation of the ScoutsTT Quality Scouting Assessment (QSA) tool.

Quality Assurance

  • Ensure adherence to the POR and Youth Protection Policy by structures at all levels of the Association
  • Monitor District’s compliance with financial policies and guidelines and report any potential infractions to the Finance Committee
  • Effectively aid four new Districts per year in implementing the QSA at Silver level
  • Effectively aid one new District per year in attaining the QSA Gold standard
  • Ensure 85% compliance with the annual registration process by Groups

Membership Growth

  • Oversee establishment of five new community-based multi-section groups per year
  • Advise Groups and districts on project planning and development
  • Develop one new project within the assigned area per year in collaboration with the management of the respective District(s)

Volunteer Support

  • Review performance of all District Commissioners
  • Assist in the conduct of volunteer induction for line managers
  • Provide support to national level volunteers in critical incident management when necessary
  • Work with Training Team and HQC (ID) to produce a District Management Aid resource and other support material for volunteers at the District level
  • Promote adherence to the Code of Conduct by District Commissioners and ADCs
  • Work with District Commissioners in identifying potential successors so that 50% of commissioners have two potentials to succeed within the next two years

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