Show Your Scout Skills

Look out for videos on ScoutsTT’s social media showing activities that you can do at home without much effort.

Earn points to win! Like and share the challenge posted from our page (1pt); Tag 5 friends to get involved (1pt); Post your own video completing the challenge (3pts); and get likes/comments under your post (1pt each).

Instagram: Post to your profile and tag us @ScoutsTT

Facebook: Comment with your video under ScoutsTT’s post

Challenge #9: Virtual One Mile

Now that restrictions on gathering have been lifted, we are in the middle of preparing to host our first annual 5k. To get you ready to be outdoors we’re going to start things off virtually.

For this activity all we want you to do is a 1 mile run or walk.

Here’s what to do.

  1. Decide if you’re going to walk or run your mile Select your activity tracker. You can use Garmin, Strava, Runtastic or Runkeeper.
  2. Choose a location for your run. Your local track, field or the roadway.
  3. Lace those shoes up start your activity tracker and walk or run.
  4. When you’re finished take a screenshot of your activity and post it to our account on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #scoutsttvirtual1mile #irunforScoutsTT #liveoutdoors
  5. Activity closes on Saturday 20th June 12 midnight. So let’s get going.

Be sure to check our race results online to see how you measured up with others.

Don’t forget the person with the fastest time posted for running or walking their mile gets free registration to our upcoming ScoutsTT 5k Race. Further details about the race will be released closer to the end of the stay at home period.

Challenge #8: Paper Planes

Create and fly three different types of paper planes. Before launching them, record which one you believe will travel furthest and what property of the plane leads you to make that prediction.

We all probably know how to make the “basic dart” plane but check out these websites for some cool designs:

Challenge #7: Tie 3 Knots in 1 Minute

Challenge #6: Tie a Monkey Fist

Challenge #5: Play the African Drum

Challenge #4: So You Think You Can Dance?

Challenge #3: Cub Scout Science Scavenger Hunt

Click HERE for Printable Version

Challenge #2: Knot Tying

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