International Women’s Day Message from our National Scout Commissioner

Dear Members, Supporters and Well-wishers,

The theme for celebrations of International Women’s Day, 2021, “Choose To Challenge,” could not be better fitting to the realities of our existence, as a National Scout Organization. For the first time, at all levels of leadership of the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago we have appointments which include women.

Women have been at the forefront of the development of the Scout Movement from its early days and have been pivotal to the growth and development of one of our largest sections, the Cub Scouts. It was in this section that many of our mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and cousins became leaders in the Movement and helped the organization to grow.

It was these same women, who on recognition that their Cubs were unable to continue scouting, because we did not have Scout Troops in some communities, undertook to take up the mantle of leadership and start Scout Troops across Trinidad and Tobago. They provided many young men and women with Scout and Venture Scout training, as they grew older. Women therefore ensured the successful continuation of not only the education of generations of young people, but also the continued growth and development of the Scout Movement.

Today, as we celebrate Women in leadership, the testament to the pivotal role that women play in our organization is recognized by appointments to three key strategic positions of the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago. For the first time in our one hundred and ten year history, we have at our helm a Chief Scout, a Deputy National Scout Commissioner and a National Youth Commissioner who are women.

In their individual capacities, and as strategic leaders and managers, women have helped us to work towards our goals of education and character development. They have shown our young people that Scouting promotes opportunities for equal access. Thus, the Scout Movement provides an avenue for women to lead us as we work towards the development of young people who are physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually strong.

Happy International Women’s Day, Choose to Challenge!

Mark Ainsley John,

National Scout Commissioner.