Virtual Campfire Discussion


The goal of the Campfire Discussion is to inspire open dialogue in which the attendees generate most of the discussion and knowledge sharing.

Campfire Discussions begin much the same as a traditional presentation, however, instead of the usual speaker at the front of the room sharing a provoking concept or idea, the National Youth Council has organised a panel of experts for attendees to ask their questions. This year, the topics mainly relate to the present-day problems in our Country.

Taking into consideration health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be hosting the Campfire Discussion virtually using video meetings within Google Classrooms. This will be the first of many Discussions the Youth Council will be hosting as we try to engage the Scouting Community, answering any and all questions pertaining to the topic of the Discussion.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide attendees with answers to the questions at hand
  • To share insight and experiences of the panellists through discussions on the topics stated below
  • Youth Perpetrators of Crime
  • Youth Unemployment and Underemployment
  • Crime Against Youth


To aid with fulfilling the objectives, the following outlines the names and background of the team of professionals forming the Panel at the Virtual Campfire.

  • To provide insight and professional advice from the National Security of Trinidad and Tobago and from a Law perspective:
    Assistant Superintendent of Police (Eastern Division)/ Lawyer, Mr. Doodnath Jankee.

Over the last 26 years, Mr. Jankee has been serving as part of the Police Service of Trinidad and Tobago in the South and Eastern Divisions, climbing up the ranks through his hard work until he obtained his position of Assistant Superintendent of Police where he is currently in command of all Police Stations in the Eastern Division.

  • To provide insight and experience in the Environmental department, from the Ministry of Agriculture:
    Agricultural Officer 1, Mr. Renold Ramdial.

With over 27 years of expertise in the Agricultural sector of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Ramdial started off as an Agricultural Assistant 1, then was promoted, after 22 years, to  Agricultural Officer 1 where he is in charge of training Farmers and the general public in all aspects of Agriculture, and implementing all plans and policies regarding Agriculture, put in place by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago

  • To provide insight and experience as a Teacher from the Educational System of Trinidad and Tobago:
    Secondary School Teacher, Mr. Shivan Ramraj.
    (To be confirmed)

Mr. Ramraj has been a teacher in the Secondary Education System for 11 years to date and has taught in multiple Institutes both in the Northern and Southern Regions of Trinidad and Tobago. He has engaged tirelessly in the Youth Debate Clubs in all the schools he has taught in. producing numerous students in major Debating events such as the National Youth Parliament, RBC Royal Bank’s Young Leaders Debates and Clash of the Debate Titans 2017. He currently teaches English Language and Caribbean History.

To Participate:

  1. The Virtual Campfire Discussions take place on Google Classrooms. Join the Classroom by clicking HERE
  2. Then complete the Registration Form
    • Participants under the age of 18 are required to download the parent approval form, complete it and submit it.