A Virtual Jamboree Experience

Scouting uniquely prepares its members to redefine their boundaries, push past them and emerge from the experience with the confidence that no matter the challenge, they can meet it.

Nothing is impossible for the prepared young person – no future is out of reach for a group of committed people who care.

Activity Zones

The Imaginarium features eight (8) zones that reflect different aspects of the holistic development of the child, active citizenship, modern relevance and self-reliance.

Each of the zones will feature a wide range of guided activities that participants will be able to follow and complete on their own or in some cases with their friends and family.

Very often these activities will require the participants to go outdoors to perform the requirements, taking them away from the screen and into their yards or neighbourhood parks. Each one of the activities will be supported by resource material, instructions and in some cases, live support at certain points throughout the camp.

Activities will be specially targeted at specific sections or age groups to ensure that the level is developmentally appropriate. Participants will be free to choose as many activities from each of the zones as they wish for their section.

Each activity will also contain deliverable that the participant must submit to verify completion. This will be in the form of pictures or videos taken by the participants. This ensures that there is accountability and allows an accurate representation of true participation.

The Zones are as follows:

  • Fun & Games
  • Personal Development
  • Conservation
  • Heritage Scouting
  • Fitness Zone
  • Science & Technology
  • Youth Advocacy
  • Spirituality

Event Goals

  • To facilitate a week of possibilities and activities that expose our participants to adventure, physical activity, spiritual and emotional development, while at the same time fostering social responsibility and cultural awareness.
  • This camp should allow participants the freedom to select the experiences that they are interested in and participate with their families and groups.
  • It should afford all members of our local movement the opportunity to interact with each other and create scouting bonds that extend beyond this week of camp.

The Imaginarium Experience

The camp will be structured around a timetable which will indicate when virtual live sessions will be held and when time would be allocated for asynchronous sessions.

Participants will be able to choose from the list of activities and tailor the camp experience to one that suits them best. The activities will be different in nature.

Some may be able to be accomplished virtually by the single participant, some would require them to work with their group or members of their family and others may require the participant to visit certain locations across the country to take part in outdoor challenges.

For the duration of the camp, participants will have the chance to share information with each other and meet virtually. In addition, there will be virtual rooms that they can enter to learn about material and also to interact with exhibitors. Finally, each night will feature a live virtual show. Participants will be able to view these live shows and, in some cases, contribute content as well.

This event is open to all persons from the age of 7 onwards. It welcomes everyone to be a virtual scout for one week of camp.

Event Partners

Imaginarium would not have been possible without the support of our partners:


Not for the first time, PricewaterhouseCoopers has come on board to be the main partner on one of our events. The organisation continues to show its commitment to the support of Scouting in Trinidad and Tobago and its overall objective of youth development.


ScoutsTT and Imaginarium are happy to have had the support of the following Platinum Partners of our Virtual Jamboree Experience.


Our branding and marketing partner Purple Cow Advertising