Scouts TT National Youth Conference

Rallying the Troops

ScoutsTT National Youth Conference is where you can have your say.

Do you want to learn about what we can do for you?

Come with your ideas, your opinions, and let your Youth Network work for you. What do you think of the Activities we have had for the year? What would you like to see?

Break out into sessions to learn and start projects in your Group or District after discussing the Better World Framework (SDG’s and YUNGA) from your Commissioners

Start off with a meet and greet and a little friendly competition on Friday 23rd July.

Feel elated on the Saturday evening interactive session when we partake in an evening cooking session with a young chef;

Chef Amrit Ramlal – a 25-year-old who discovered his passion for cooking at a young age. He has Apprenticed under Family Food Caterers: Chef Errol Mohammed, Chef Kirton John and Chef Rennie St John and worked at Aquarium Restaurant as a Sous Chef. Don’t worry, you would be getting the ingredients list in the Google Classroom (click here).