Scouts TT assists with Ministry of Education Vaccination Drive

The Ministry of Education has embarked on its vaccination drive for young people between the ages of 12 to 18 using the Pfizer vaccine and, along with the Ministry of Health, has designated 14 sites across Trinidad to be parallel vaccination centres for the administering of the vaccine.

The operation of these vaccination centres requires both medical and non-medical personnel to properly receive, prepare, screen, vaccinate, observe, enter data and discharge of the patients receiving the vaccine.

To assist with these tasks, the Ministry of Education has partnered with The Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ScoutsTT) to provide volunteers for 9 of the 14 listed centres, since August 18th 2021. This partnership re-affirms the commitment of ScoutsTT to aid in the development of young people and commitment to the tenets of Scouting, one of which is service to country through volunteerism.

As the largest volunteer group in the system, with over 400 persons responding to our call, ScoutsTT has been, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, coordinating all of the volunteers at these sites. ScoutsTT lends their management skills and expertise in people flow and customer service redounding to an enhanced experience in collaboration with the Ministry of Health personnel.

On a daily basis, ScoutsTT deploys approximately 70 persons to various sites across the island. Our volunteers range from 18 to 69 years of age and is made up of both scouters and non-scouters. This effort has been arranged by the National Scout Commissioner, Mr. Mark Ainsley John and is being operated and coordinated by Mr. Richard Robinson ScoutsTT- National Youth Vaccine Coordinator.

As a youth organisation with a mandate to serve young people, ScoutsTT is proud to be in partnership with the Ministry of Education on this effort as we strive to protect our citizens from the effects of COVID-19.