Father and Children Outdoor Skills Challenge

Fathers teach us so much about life. They guide us and provide us with examples to follow as we make our own way through life. Although some of our fathers may not be biological, we each have someone that has done these things for us. To celebrate this, ScoutsTT has prepared a list of activities that you can do with your dad, an uncle, bigger brother, or any significant male figure in your life. You can pick as many as you wish but try as best as you can to perform them outdoors. Please share your celebrations with us on social media using the hashtags #ScoutsTT #ThankyouDad #CelebratingFathers


Activities: All Sections


Five-a-side small goal with kids on one team and the dads on the other.

Talent Show

Set up a makeshift stage and invite the kids and dads to show off their talents. The District or Group can arrange judges or prizes.

Mini – Fun Olympics

Pick some fun events and have the kids compete against the dads. Some ideas include:

  • Tug of war
  • 3-Legged Race
  • Eating Race (Using easily available fruits such as watermelon or mangoes)


Activity: MUSICAL INSTRUMENT              

Create one of these musical instruments using recycled material then use this instrument to have a sing-along.

Musical instrument:


Resources: Plastic Bottle or Glass Bottle, Peas and beads


Resources: Bottle caps, string, beads, hammer, nail and a piece of wood


Resources: A piece of bamboo, knife


Resources: An empty cereal box, empty paper towel roll, glue or tape, rubber bands, colour pencils or marker and scissors

Activity: THE BOOK OF DAD    

Write and illustrate a short version of a favourite memory of your father. Ask dad to share a memory with his father when you present him with the book.

Resources: paper, colour pencils, paints.


Activity: CARD GAMES

Put on some good music and prepare some healthy snacks. Have some good competition playing cards with dad and the rest of you family. Games like Suck The Well, Go To Pack, Go Fish, make a hand with three cards or any other games you know.

Resources: Deck of Cards, Music, Table and Snacks

Activity: WATER FIGHT 

This is with two persons on a side. You can use buckets, hoses or water guns, draw your battle lines and see how many times you can soak the other side. Be sure to use a waterproof device if you are taking pictures.

Resources: water, containers


Challenge your dad to see who will win doing any fitness activity.

A: How many sit ups can be done in 1 minute

B: Planking – how long can you plank for?

C: Aerobic Burnout

Resources: Music, stopwatch


Teach dad how to build some scout gadgets with the resources mentioned. Then see how quickly he can build one by himself.

Resources: String or Twine, Rope, Sticks, Dowels and Twigs


Choose as many as you like from this section 


Prepare your dad’s favourite meal. To accompany your meal try preparing a non-alcoholic cocktail such as a Virgin Pina Colada. (click here for instructions)

Resource: Food items for your meal, Virgin Pina Colada ingredients –   Pineapple Juice, coconut milk, frozen pineapple chunks, ice, maraschino cherries


Work with a parent or guardian to prepare a social media post describing a special day/time spent with dad. Share and see how many likes you get. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #ScoutsTT #ThankyouDad #CelebratingFathers

Resources: Cell Phone

Activity: LOOK ALIKE

Get a picture of your dad or a male relative at the same age you are now, try to recreate the scene with yourself and take a picture. Place both pictures side by side and see if you can tell the difference.

Resources: Picture of dad at a young age, camera 


Dance Challenge.

Let your dad teach you a dance. Then teach your dad a dance eg. Jerusalem, Harlem Shake etc. Have a dance off with both of you doing doing both dances. Be sure to record it to enjoy looking at afterwards.

Vocal Challenge.

Choose a form of singing (Rap, Extempo or Karaoke) and have a competition between with your dad and the rest of your family.

Resources: Music, camera


Create a Time Capsule and bury it in your backyard. The time capsule should be a sealed container made of either plastic, tin, or wood.

Items to be placed inside: 

  1. A family picture
  2. Soft drink bottle
  3. Current song lyrics 
  4. Front page of a recent newspaper 
  5. Picture of  your family residence
  6. Coins
  7. A dollar bill
  8. A handwritten note to yourself

Place all items in the capsule then seal and bury it.


Create a pair of small goals (two sticks or some stones can work); mark out the “pitch” and have a match with dad and members of your family to see which team can get to 5 first.

Resources: Football